Welcome to tad LIVE

We live stream gigs for bands and artists from our hub in Bicester near Oxford, UK.

Anyone can sponsor our bands each month so they get paid for playing! In exchange, you get the following:


Exclusive access to upcoming & previous performances

Watch the streams from Facebook, YouTube or here!


Interviews, masterclasses & behind the scenes footage


We give you the live platform from our best room in the best live sound quality that can be achieved in that space, each week as part of our events.

You will be able to respond to your audience live via our big screen, take interviews in our "green room", get a multitrack demo of the whole performance, and a high definition version of the whole gig too - see our FAQ for details.


We are also looking to team up with you so we can start setting up live streaming throughout Oxford venues and create a network where people can see what it's like to enjoy a good night out. You can use our ticket system to make up for lower numbers and still have an audience to give that real feel. There is no missing out here.

Our ticket system is excellent value and gives our customers the ability to watch the gig back as they become a part of TAD Live, and you'll still be able to make money on these events with our current subscribers using our watch algorithm.


So, tickets sold or not, you can still prop up your business regardless! There's nothing to lose.

Contact US!

You can chat to one of us via the chat box in the corner of the page, call us directly or simply send a message below.

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Email: contact@tadaudio.ltd
Call 07983330014
 for booking or streaming enquiries