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  • San Raquel / Starbelly / Mila Todd
    Sat, Feb 20
    TAD Live
    Feb 20, 8:00 PM GMT
    TAD Live
    San Raquel are introducing music from their debut EP, MUSIC ON MY MIND. Formed in 2013 by Luke Chapman, Toby Coe and Jordan Hallett. Starbelly are Oxford’s glam punk glitter stomping wine spilling 3 piece. Teeth shattering guitars and thundering rhythms swirl round ethereal melody while smearing
  • Peerless Pirates
    Sat, Mar 27
    TAD Live
    Mar 27, 8:00 PM GMT
    TAD Live
    Their sound is a rollicking, roustabout mix of classic 80s energetic indie, sea shanties, rockabilly, surf-rock and spaghetti western soundtracks. “Rum-soaked fun” is a phrase often – and justifiably – bandied about.
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