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FAQs for fans

Q: What type of events do you offer and how much are the tickets?

A: Our events are priced at £8 per ticket. This is a flat cost and means you can see the gig in person, online, and after the event. 

Q: What platforms do you use?

A: We use Youtube and Facebook for live streaming, but have access to all other known streaming facilities such as Twitch and Zoom.

Q: How does it work?

A: When you purchase your ticket for an online event, you are given exclusive access and are able to re-watch the event later.

Q: Are tickets refundable?

A: If an event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, all tickets will be refunded immediately.


Q: How does it work?

A: Tickets to online streaming events are sold to the public at £8 per ticket. From those sales, all goes to the bands involved after our £200 flat rate is met. We can pay the funds directly, or it can be used as credit for future recording sessions at TAD Studios.

Q: Is there a minimum for ticket sales?

A: There is no minimum on live stream ticket sales. Venues differ from location to location.

Q: What do you provide?

A: We will provide all staff and equipment necessary to host the event. You are welcome to use our available backline, or bring your own gear if you wish.

Q: How do timings work on the day?

A: In order for the event to run smoothly and on schedule, we ask that load in times are stuck to as much as possible. This is generally allocated an hour before soundcheck, and we aim to soundcheck headlining acts for a full hour before the show. Set times can be anything from 30 minutes plus.

Q: How is it all set up?

A: Our streaming events are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible. For this reason we don't use headphones for monitoring, instead this is achieved via monitor wedges and IEMs. The band will set up all together in the same room, with the camera crew taking care of the filming. We use multiple cameras to shoot various angles of the band. Lighting rig and haze machine are added for effect. Sound is mixing using our high-end pre-amps in the studio, and routed live through our valve summing mixer.

Q: Do you offer any additional services?

A: Additional services will also be available for purchase after the event:

  1. High Definition video file of the whole event (£50)

  2. Multi-track audio stems to take away (£50)

  3. Audio mixdown with live settings (£25)

  4. Professional audio mixdown and master, delivered on a separate day (£100)

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